hip-bonez whispered sensually: does your sims 3 game lag at all?

I haven’t been in-game in AGES (and most likely won’t be, sorry), but regarding the lag… it does when I have a lot of unmerged CC or when I choose poses since I have way too many. Other than that, it’s fine. Oh and sometimes CAS is also a bit laggy due to the amount of content I have.

EDIT: I am TERRIBLY sorry if you guys ask me stuff and I don’t answer, thing is, whenever I get on tumblr it’s only to check my fave tags and also tumblr hasn’t been noticing me about new messages which may cause some delay. I will try to check inbox (if I won’t forget to hue), so again, sorry. Not ignoring you.


I see so many wrong things in this picture but I still think it’s cute ;__;

still lonely on teraaaaa

/nolife whatsoever

<_< i guess general simblrhate is not enough, so now they’re making certain simblr hate blogs???

go back to your holes satans


I drew my best friend’s cute elin tsundere, Hideyoshi

Ahhhh I hope this looks good, I haven’t drawn in months ;___;


                             sunny day   

It’s Taqs! [Dumb name, oh well!] It’s also an Elin. :D She’s a sorcerer, or will be. LOL.

Good good, which level are you? I can make a slayer or smth ;3; LOL and no worries, she’ll be a great sorc ouo

I started a character on that server the other day! It’s still very low level though!

AHHH, that’s sooo great!! I will gladly help you and play with you :D What’s your character’s name? I’ll add you :)


Really sorry for being super absent in the simblr community… I just don’t feel like playing sims lately… at all.

I hope you all take care and you can still talk to me on tumblr, since I check it everyday.

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